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Food Packaging

For most people, buying decisions are made at the shelves, in the supermarket aisles. The retail point has become the most critical part of the brand journey, and an engaged customer is a buying customer


Customers today have become more discerning and demanding, with increased focus on value, product benefits, and sustainability. But there is only so much you can print on the product label.

Visibility_2020 Product QR Code Presenta
Visibility_2020 Product QR Code Presenta
Visibility_2020 Product QR Code Presenta

A strategically positioned QR code on the product packaging can deliver everything consumers want to know about the products, right before they buy them. This clear product proposition can be displayed to customers in a very streamlined and      linear fashion.


How to effectively use QR on food packaging:

Globally, it is well known that engaged customers have better brand recall, and will be repeat customers. Below are reasons to put QR codes on product packaging:


Free coverage: No extra costs (like advertising/marketing campaigns),

and QR on product can be scanned even after product is used



Right information at the right time: Present the information the customer needs at the buying point, to make that purchase decision

Product details: Showcase nutritional information, recommended daily allowances, and how the product compares to others in the market.


Product rage: Opportunity educate the customer about the whole product range, and the advantages of using the product


Recipes: Tasty recipes, with simple preparation steps for customers to try. Can link to more recipes on brand page


Attractions & Gifts: Run promotions to incentivise purchase using the existing QR code on the product


Track growth: Ability to track which stores, areas, products are seeing more interest from customers.


Marketing campaigns: Create effective marketing campaigns using the data collected from QR codes

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