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Unboxing parcels with air filled pillows are a common sight to see. With the rise of consumers turning to online shopping, fewer consumers are picking up free samples or experiencing product demonstrations for themselves in brick-and-mortar stores. This posed a challenge to Glade, a household air freshener brand, as it wanted people to try out its home air freshener for themselves. In 2019, Glade teamed up with Walmart to turn online shopping into new surprises. They turned boring-filled air pillows in delivery boxes of products purchased online and filled them with Glade home air freshener samples.

•    Consumers pick up an air pillow filled with Glade’s home air freshener

•    Give a tight squeeze to pop it

•    Take in the air freshener scent

•    Scan the QR code on the air pillow to make a purchase instantly.


For the first time, Glade turned boring and often ignored air pillows into a new media platform to work to their advantage. It informed consumers about their new fragrances and doubled as a conversion vehicle with an easy scan-to-purchase QR code. Glade managed to find a way to enable consumers to sample their fragrances when shopping online and make the experience more interesting and surprising.


Results: Glade’s 83% increase in sales for their home fragrances products in Walmart for the first week alone, as well as over 11 million impressions in the first month. Glade bypassed the brick-and-mortar direct tester process, adapted the trend of online purchasing, and effectively brought try-outs into consumers’ homes.


The campaign had also successfully picked up a Gold in Media at the 2019 Cannes Lion Festival of Creativity.

Scent By Glade

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