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Fanta, along with global creative agency Anthem Worldwide, collaborated with Shazam to introduce the “TAKE OVER FANTA 2018” campaign. The campaign was launched across a number of European markets, with the aim to connect with teens in a new way as teens had changed the way they engage with brands and were used to innovative technology.


The campaign is the first ever Fanta partnership that brings ground-breaking innovations to teens with one of the most powerful global apps, Shazam. It worked as a fantastic tool to drive transactions for Fanta while engaging with teens. Promotional Fanta packs carry a connected Shazam code, which teens can scan using the camera function on the Shazam app and experience the Augmented Reality (AR) component uniquely created for the campaign.


By scanning the codes on the Fanta bottle, it allowed them to:

•    Unlock 12 face-filters for them to choose from

•    Create their own unique Fanta personality

•    Share the filtered image on social media throughout the campaign

•    In addition, unlock pin codes from Fanta bottle caps to enter in a prize draw


The campaign was led by a famous influencer and successfully connected Fanta with their younger consumers, gaining a total of 93,000 scans across all active regions, with users spending a minute engaging with the AR experience.


Digital is the reality for teens, and their smartphone is the great enabler of this fluidity. By turning this campaign digital, not only does it allow consumers to form a deeper engagement with the brand, but also form closer connections and awareness of the brand.

Takeover FANTA

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