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Bright BMBR

Rochambeau, a fashion designer brand, has created smart connected jackets - Bright BMBR, each with unique capabilities not seen in the fashion industry. Bright BMBR is a limited edition of fashionable smart jackets developed back in October 2016 with a digital interface.


The idea was that the technology was embedded in a hidden pocket, found in the left sleeve of the jacket which had a hidden zipper containing a limited-edition label with a custom NFC chip and a personalized QR code. Customers could either order the jacket online or purchase it at The New Stand which was their retail partner carrying these smart jackets. The user can then enable the technology through the QR code or the NFC chip to gain access to the curated experiences and gifts that come with the Bright BMBR Jacket.

Bright BMBR2.jpg

The QR code/NFC chip allows the user/wearer to:

  • Access a VIP pass for exclusive events, like exclusive restaurants, events and the New York Fashion Week

  • Personalized gifts when the QR is scanned within 500 yards of ‘The New Stand’ retail outlets

  • Unlock unique content, including a signed, numbered piece of  artwork inspired by the jacket

  • View an individual ‘making of’ video.


To round it all off, when it came to the end of the fall/winter season, each Bright BMBR Jacket delivered a digital pass to Rochambeau’s 2017 New York Fashion Week runway show, allowing the wearer to experience the brand’s new spring/summer collection live. Vice president and general manager of Avery Dennison’s RBIS division, Deon Stander, explains that “A use case such as the Rochambeau smart jacket paves the way for other retailers to incorporate applications and services that connect more intelligently with consumers. Brands will become more interactive, providing personalized, real time mobile experiences and content for each individual consumer and each item 

of clothing”. 

Smart BMBR Jackets

Bright BMBR4.png
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