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The Glenlivet


The single-malt whisky distillery, The Glenlivet, has introduced an innovative marketing experience into the immersive digital world. The Glenlivet has continuously challenged marketing conventions with the mission of opening up the single malt category to a whole new generation of drinkers.


With the launch of its limited edition collection, The Glenlivet Spectra, it introduces a digital experience that transports whisky lovers into multi-sensory settings. Instead of a single whisky, this collection provides three different 200ml bottles packaged into a box. The limited edition mysterious bottle pack allows customers to explore their own palate with a tailor-made experience whilst taking them on a journey through the spectrum of flavours.


With no tasting notes, age or cast information on The Glenlivet Spectra packaging, consumers go through a sense of tasting experience. As customers scanned the QR code,

  • Cryptic hints are given about their new collection

  • Challenged drinkers to taste each of the 3 different whiskies

  • Identify the flavours and strengths unique to each bottle

  • Gave a personalised scorecard at the end of each tasting, letting users.    find out how close they were to decoding each of the three mysterious single malts


The Glenlivet encouraged users to share their results via social media platforms, allowing them to interact with the community and peers. The Glenlivet later released the full tasting notes and cask information, enabling drinkers to fully uncover the expertly crafted tasting notes contained within The Glenlivet Spectra. This mysterious journey promoted brand awareness and pushed engagements between the label and their consumers.

Journey into Sensorial Tasting

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