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NDP with Yeo's QR

Yeo’s NDP2021 campaign - #NDPWITHYEOS celebrates Singapore national day with limited edition cans, an AR filter, and A mash up.


The feature of the campaign was the limited-edition Yeo’s Chrysanthemum tea cans that were given out from select hawkers and Fair Price outlets.


On their YEO’s limited-edition cans, a QR code was a prominent feature. Customers were encouraged to scan and enter the #NDPQITHYEOS celebrations.













The campaign encouraged Singaporeans to thank and encourage the

unsung heroes of the nation, who have worked tirelessly day-and-night to keep our country safe and healthy.


A Support our Local Hawkers campaign encouraged users to buy from over 1,900 local hawkers and get a can of YEO’s for free.


Featured was Yeo’s NDP mash-up with local artiste Benjamin Kheng,

AR filters of 6 prominent Singapore locations, and a Instagram live

singalong session.


Customers were encouraged to post encouraging messages on Fb and Istagram with a Yeo’s special edition can, for a chance to win over S$30,000 worth of prizes.


This example just goes to show how QR codes can be used as a marketing tool, engaging and gamifying contests to promote participation.


With QR codes, your imagination is the limit!

Yeo's NDP_Image-03.jpg

Scan, make a difference, stands to win!

Yeo's NDP_Image.jpg
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