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Unlocking the Power of Clean Label Food


In a world where consumers crave healthier and more nourishing food options, a trending category called clean label food has emerged and it caters to the public in the pursuit of wellness. For most consumers, clean label which combines recognisable ingredients and minimal processing of food ingredients evokes a wholesome impression.


Aiming to deliver healthier yet delicious treats, SPA Foods, a home grown food brand, is dedicated to crafting tasty refreshments from carefully sourced ingredients. They proudly shun artificial preservatives and colouring. Instead, their products are infused and fortified with elements such as collagen, protein, fibre, and all-natural, non-GMO components. SPA Foods lives by their mantra, creating 'happy food for happy people' through an unwavering commitment to finding the best natural ingredients, utilising modern production techniques to produce nourishing yet tasty food and beverages.

With heightened awareness of food safety, concern for healthier living, consumers are increasingly searching for food/beverage options that fit these lifestyle decisions. Nutrition information and food manufacturing techniques are details that can be easily made available to consumers via a digital process direct to their mobile devices. This is where PPQR™ comes in. It effortlessly unlocks the full potential and benefits of clean label foods by articulating the attributes of each ingredient and captivating brand narratives. 


Singapore Leading the Way to Embrace the Plant-Based Revolution! 


Do you know Singapore is the first country to approve sale of alternative proteins into commercial markets? It's time to join the plant-based food and beverages category which is expected to grow exponentially over the next five years and be a part of the solution to our ambitious "30 by 30" strategy.


The rise of the plant-based category is no coincidence. Consumers are transitioning towards healthier diets, reducing meat consumption by accepting meat alternatives that offer a similar taste. Luncheon meat, conventionally an unhealthy meat format, can now be crafted from a blend of wheat, soy protein, vegetable juice, and Eucheuma seaweed. This plant-based, non-GMO substitute is protein-packed, low-calorie and free from any added preservatives, putting this on the radar of health conscious consumers again.

Because the current market is flooded with novel food options, conscious consumers demand transparency and credibility. PPQR™ can act as a trusted ally in this food revolution by keeping consumers informed of product ingredients and manufacturing processes at the point of purchase with a simple click of a QR code. PPQR™ helps foster consumer confidence and reinforces brand integrity. 


Food Security: Current trends and Concerns


Innovation and creativity in the food industry are essential for progress, but they also bring up issues and concerns. Food and beverage product descriptions can be intentionally misleading to ride on current dietary trends and fads. This leads to consumers being exposed to significant health risks. To address this, the Singapore Food Agency launched a code of Good Agricultural Practice (SG GAP) to assuage different concerns pertaining to food safety and quality assurance.


The SG GAP certification mark will be awarded to selected local food manufacturers to help make them stand out in the challenging retail channels. This not only gives consumers confidence in the reliability of the source but also encourages local food firms to strive for continuing product excellence.

However, consumers may not always recognise these qualification marks, and this is where a well-designed PPQR™ comes in. It can help fill in the knowledge gap, raise the credibility of the product and enable customers to make more informed and responsible decisions.


Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

Use in food production, processing, and packaging to help ensure the safety of food products


Food safety certification scheme 22000

Demonstrates that a company has a robust and effective food safety management system in place, and it is often mandated by purchasers within the supply chain.


Technical Inspection Association

Demonstrates organisation’s commitment to meeting international standards for quality, safety and


We are a PMC-certified consultancy with 20 years of experience in design & visual communication, providing marketing solutions using PPQR™.

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