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Coffee Experience: Sparkplug Coffee QR

A Canadian coffee brand, Sparkplug Coffee, started with the goal of bringing fresh roasted, reliable tasty coffee to the coffee lovers. This is an independent, personalised coffee brand who delivers fresh roasted beans right to customer door step – especially as most coffee you buy from grocery stores is at least a couple of months old before it reaches your kitchen.


Without a physical store, Sparkplug ran the business through the online website and in the local bistros.


In 2019, they ran a marketing campaign for 3-month free coffee subscription via a QR code giveaway. Why a QR code you ask? Well, the visual messaging around the QR code, and the QR code itself would enable customers to:

•    See the Call to Action

•    Get excited about the offer

•    Enter email address to participate in the offer

Through this simple QR code campaign, Sparkplug was able to generate some good interest – over 7,500 customers signed up. This enabled Sparkplug Coffee to send out promotions and create awareness about future launches to these customers.

There are two ways of looking at this:

It goes without saying that Sparkplug Coffee looked at it the 2nd way, and further built engagement with these customers by sending invites to link up the customers to the brand social media page.

7,500 interested customer database was built with just 3 months’ worth of product cost.

This marketing idea cost the company 3 months of product cost




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