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QR code for Advertising

Advertising is usually the path-breaking industry making use of new and innovative technologies to reach out to more people

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We now see brands using QR codes to advertise in a big way. Coca-Cola used it in its new advertising strategy, Oreo used it to promote a contest with a chance to meet Lady Gaga. Gillette used it to promote their razors. More and more brands and advertisers are realizing the hidden potential of the ubiquitous QR code.

How to use QR code for Advertising



Enhanced advertising: Used along with print & OOH media, QR codes can provide much more engagement to customers than traditionally possible

Contests: Scan a QR code, purchase items, and win prizes. First 100 scans will get 20% off for a new launch.


Directly link customers to social media. Promote likes & shares to increase user count


QR codes on flyers & brochures: Provide contact details, Augmented Reality, and extra details


Genuine feedback and testimonials: Allow customers to provide

testimonials, watch other customer’s reviews, etc.

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