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Alcohol products

QR codes on wine bottles has been here from quite some time, with customers really valuing the additional information provided by the QR code. Non-alcoholic beverage companies have also been jumping on the QR bandwagon and exploiting the mobile marketing platform they provide.

QR for Alcohol3.jpg
QR for Alcohol2.jpg

Giants like Coca-Cola are using QR codes to promote music portals, special events, pop-up gigs, and videos, that can be easily seen by customers.

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How can QR codes be used on Alcohol products?


Opportunity to enlighten customer about the brand, the genesis of the product, and the ingredients – quality of grapes/hopps used, etc.



Proof of genuineness – Ability to trace origins, winemaker details, batch/date of production, quantity (in case of limited series), etc

Link to wine / alcohol rating websites (like vivino), where customers get access to professional ratings, compare between wine available worldwide, and provide their own ratings



Instant customer feedback: Innovative feedback tools understand customer preferences, and induce posts on social media

Recipes for cocktails: Famous cocktail recipes, in video or animation, 

to encourage the creativity of the customer


Recycling information: Most alcohol bottles are recyclable. Information

regarding proper recycling and disposal to help the environment

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