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Wok Hey! It's all QR

More and more restaurants and fast food are tapping onto the contactless platform where customers do not need to have direct interaction with staff or touch any surfaces.


Everything from browsing the menu, looking for promotions, selecting their choice of ingredients, special orders, to making payment, etc - the entire process can now be done just by a mobile.


Wok Hey, a stir fry customisable new age food stall, breaks the traditional coffee shop concept of ‘Zi Char’ (A Hokkien expression that means “cook & fry”). No more waiting for tables or a waitress to serve a plate of fried rice. A simple direct takeaway kiosk, Wok Hey offers a self-service system, now with a QR code.


Customers walking up and scanning the QR code will be able to:

•    See a full detailed menu with rich images

•    Select and customize their order

•    Make the payment

•    Get a confirmed order number for pick-up


The process is simple, and straightforward, these system leads customers with a quick seamless experience.


HEY! It’s with QR

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