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M&M’s are sharing a new way to express consumers’ thoughts with new

on-pack expressions for sweet toothed fans to enjoy and music that connects everyone. Back in 2020, the brand began featuring expressions delivered by the iconic M&M’s characters.


Now, M&M’s developed their Messages pack in the US with playful phrases and had an additional highlight - a quick response code from Spotify printed on the package that directs users to a uniquely curated Spotify playlist.


•    28 different M&M’s messages pack available with 13 playlists

•    Each contains its own unique theme and playlist

•    Users have to scan the code on the messages pack via Spotify app

•    Playlist appears on Spotify matching the same theme of the pack


M&M’s is the latest brand to integrate a campaign with Spotify, and the integration is the candy brand’s latest activation to feature digital content.


Brian Berner, head of North America advertising sales at Spotify, mentioned that “These curated Spotify playlists give people an opportunity to connect

at a time when we’re all hungrier than ever for new ways to interact”.


By incorporating music into M&M’s Messages pack, the brand has found a great way to spark connections through music and bring people to create happy moments. It was a new enabler of interacting with consumers through brand and technology.


M&M's Messages

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