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As brands discover creative ways to engage consumers during the pandemic, the digital battle-grounds have heated up. QR code is fast becoming the de-facto entry into such creative campaigns across the world.

In addition, partnerships with seemingly distant brands are leading to huge wins for everyone involved. In the 6th PPQR Newsletter, we take a look at how some these well-known brands have used innovative advertising methods to raise brand awareness through digital branding.

Ken Leong,

Creative Director

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Unboxing parcels with filled air pillows are a common sight to see. Glade saw the opportunity in consumers turning to online shopping, as a means to get them to try out their home air fresheners. In 2019, Glade teamed up with Walmart to replace the boring air-filled pillows into air freshener samples.


Customers who received the samples:

  • Pick up an air pillow filled with Glade's home air freshener

  • Give a tight squeeze to pop it

  • Take in the air freshener scent

  • Scan the QR code on the air pillow to make an online purchase instantly

The effortless sampling contributed to Glade's 83% increase in sales for their home fragrances products in Walmart for the first week alone. Glade updated the trend of online purchasing, and effectively brought tryouts into consumers' homes. This shows the effectiveness of digital branding.


M&M's developed their Messages pack in the US with playful phrases and had an additional highlight - a QR code from Spotify printed on the package that directs users to be a uniquely curated playlists.

  • 28 different M&M's messages pack available with 13 playlists

  • Each contains its own unique theme and playlist

  • Users have to scan the code via Spotify app

  • Curated Spotify playlist matches the theme of the M&M's pack

This was another great way to spark connections through music and bring people together to create happy moments. A creative way to bring consumers closer to the brand.

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In 2018. Fanta collaborated with Shazam to create a unique Augment Reality (AR) component for Fanta's Takeover campaign. They aimed to change the way teens engages with their brands.

Scanning the QR codes on Fanta bottles allowed users to:

  • Unlock many unique face-filters for them to choose from

  • Create their unique Fanta character

  • Share the filtered image on social media during Fanta's campaign

  • In addition, unlock pin codes from Fanta bottle caps to enter in a lucky draw

The campaign successfully connected Fanta with their younger consumers, gaining a total of 93,000 scans across all active regions, with users spending a minute engaging with the AR experience.


In 2020, amidst the pandemic, many concerts and events were cancelled. As virtual concerts and events became more popular, Sprite used QR codes on their bottles to bring exclusive live hip hop concerts to consumers. Sprite launched a online marketing campaign Live From The Label, holding hip hop concerts starring some of the most famous artists.


To get a digital 'ticket' to watch Sprite, Live From The Label Show, consumers had to:

  • Purchase a 20 oz. Sprite bottle

  • Scan the QR code on the bottle

  • Gain access to an entry pass link direct into the virtual show

Consumers could engage with Sprite through Chat boxes, polls and could receive customized Sprite emojis. Turning the pandemic into an opportunity allowed Sprite to grow their consumer base and build their brand.

There are multiple was PPQR™ can do the same for your brand.

There are endless potentials within the QR code!

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