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An increasing number of brick-and-mortar stores are making their presence felt in the digital world. Going viral with creative promotions and online advertising can be vert profitable. In our 5th PPQR Newsletter, we look at how QR codes has been used to bridge the online-offline barrier. Discover a sample of luxury brands to fast food chains creating new worlds through QR advertising.

With a creative idea and a small investment, the potential returns of using digital marketing through QR can be huge.

Ken Leong,

Creative Director

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Social Retail Store

Burberry debuted its first-ever social retail store in Shenzhen, China, in 2020. The store size of 5,800 square feet was designed to blend physical and social worlds - where a boutique, a cafe and a virtual store exist.

The store has 10 rooms for customers to explore, each offering a unique interactive experience that can be unlocked via QR codes and snapchat.

Everything within the store has a QR code. Scanning this QR code allows:

  • Product specific story-telling & videos of models wearing the item

  • Book a specific trial room with a curated playlist, adjust the lighting

  • Social currency that can be used to evolve a fictional animal character

  • Discover new characters and outfits

  • Access the "Trench Experience" - a digitally enhanced room to help customers create content for social media, including the ability to try on a trench coat.

  • Book a table at the in0store cafe, make appointments with the stylists

Such a form of digital branding is an interactive experience that boosts customer engagement, which results in better brand recall.

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Smart BMBR Jackets


Rochambeau, an upcoming designer has created smart connected jackets - BMBR, each with unique capabilities not seen in the fashion industry.

The left sleeve of the jacket has a hidden zipper, which contains a limited-edition label, a custom NFC chip and a personalized QR code.

The QR code allows the user/wearer to:

  • Access a VIP pass for exclusive events, like exclusive restaurants, events and the New York Fashion Week

  • Personalized gifts when the QR is scanned within 500 yards of 'The New Stand' retail outlets

  • Unlock unique content, including a signed, numbered piece of artwork inspired by the jacket

  • View an individual 'making of' video

KFC Pocket Stores

KFC opened integrated online and offline stores to reach out to more customers in China. Tapping into social media, KFC leveraged on Wechat platform to engage with the active young digital people.


Through TV advertisements and print ads on train stations, users can scan the QR code to:

  • Access the KFC Pocket Store mini-program through Wechat

  • Open, design and share their very own Pocket Stores

  • Completely plan, design, and promote the digital store, using it to place orders

  • Orders fulfilled by actual KFC stores

The campaign was a huge success, and within months saw the creation of 2 million pocket stores.

Such smart marketing & gamification saw KFC increase its online presence massively in a few months. The humble QR code formed the entry point into this digital campaign.


Burn that Ad for Burger King

Burger King (BK) had a lot of competition in Brazil, who were increasing their presence with advertisements.

BK launched their own advertisements, with a QR code. Customers could scan this QR code and:

  • Point the phone towards a competitor ad/hoarding

  • Watch the ad burn (in AR), and a BK ad come in its place

  • Receive a coupon for a free Whopper from BK

Through this successful campaign, BK built up a database to identify all competitors' ads, including outdoor ads, posters, banners, digitals ads and social media post.

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There are multiple was PPQR™ can do the same for your brand.

There are endless potentials within the QR code!

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