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Welcome to the 3rd PPQR Newsletter. These days, participating in lucky draws and unlocking gift vouchers is so much simpler, thanks to the prevalence of QR code. With a tab or two on your phone screen, you will be able to immerse yourself in visual-rich digital journeys to product information, discounts, offers and more.

Many businesses – local and abroad – are already effectively using QR code as part of digital branding. We have picked out a few interesting ones that have successfully leveraged this technology to grow their customer base and improve their sales. Read on to find out how these examples successfully carried out in food and drink branding.

Ken Leong,

Creative Director

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Ontario-based Sparkplug Coffee, a premium reseller of quality coffee beans, delivers fresh roasted beans, delivers fresh roasted beans to customers worldwide. But without a physical store, it was a daunting task for Sparkplug Coffee to reach out to the global audience. 

To tackle this, Sparkplug Coffee decided to integrate the QR code with a 3-month free coffee subscription campaign:

  • The QR code is affixed at multiple customer touch-points such as on social media, encouraging the customers to scan the code

  • Once the QR code is scanned, the customers will need to enter their email address before completing the free subscription process

The growing email list became an expanding customer base for Sparkplug Coffee to do its marketing outreach, allowing the coffee-seller to gain improved overseas traction

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New-age food chain Wok-Hey, is one of the F&B establishments that revolutionised the way customers order and collect their takeaways. Purely based on a no-dine-in concept, each of the Quick Service Wok-Hey stalls utilises a store-unique QR code that allows the customer to:

  • Select their meals

  • Opt for toppings

  • Pay through a payment gateway

  • Receive an Order ID for easy identification of the order during food collection

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Butter Bean, a creative concept by BreadTalk Group, seeks to attract a younger audience.

Apart from offering fresh mixes of toasts with a contemporary twist of the "Nanyang" flavour, Butter Bean utilises an 'Order & Pay' contactless system that empowers the customers to scan a QR code to:

  • Browse the menu online

  • Pay through a payment gateway

  • Wait comfortably at their tables to pick-up their meals




Yeo’s #NDP2021 celebrated Singapore national day with surprises. With 3 kinds of surprises, it engaged all Singaporeans in different ways.


Scanning the QR code on any Yeo’s drinks, allowed you to see:

  • A count down digital clock to create FOMO on the opening page

  • Scroll down to a list of Fb share and encourage fellow Singaporean videos

  • Support our Local Hawker programme, leads to information to buy food in hawker and get a free Yeo’s drinks

  • Scrolling further shows the contest prizes

  • Surprises of social media interaction with AR filter and celebrities

There are multiple ways PPQR™  can do the same for your brand.

There are endless potentials within the QR code!

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