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Welcome to the inaugural edition of PPQR™ Newsletter. Better known as “Product Performance Quick Response (QR)”, it is the perfect solution for today’s time sensitive consumers who demand information at their fingertips and is the future of digital marketing.


With PPQR™, we harness QR technology to serve as the localization marketing bridge between the shopper space, and product-specific benefits & content, allowing the consumer to make the purchase decision in the brand’s favour.

Read on to see what we mean.

Ken Leong,

Creative Director

Sample of PPQR you can see today in the Market:



COVID-19 has dramatically changed the way we live - many industries are undergoing convulsive changes, the pharmaceutical industry is no different. Statistics have shown that many Singapore residents are less inclined to visit doctors (both in clinics and hospitals) for fear of catching COVID-19. There is a need to branch beyond traditional means of a doctor-centric business model and consider diversifying to a patient-centric model with different end points of delivery and information.

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PPQR™ is the new frontier for digital marketing and online advertising. With this way of digital branding, it is a one-stop for all the relevant information consumers might need – like a step-by-step guide on how to administer a certain drug. A simple quick scan allows consumers to access all necessary information about YOUR pharmaceutical products instantly and directly.


PPQR™ allows YOU to better support medical practitioners and reach out to them quickly, providing step-by-step information on new drugs, new treatment options as well as their possible side-effects. Most importantly, this provides an avenue for the medical practitioners to reach out to YOU.


The QR code is empowering for patients, as a suitable post-purchase instructional guide on how they can self-administer certain drugs, operate certain medical devices and provide them information on the qualitative and quantitative composition of drugs.

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Most importantly, it offers YOU the opportunity to monitor, real-time, consumers’ interest and thereby adapt and modify the information to better connect with consumers. All this potential at a low cost. All this potential is encoded within the QR code.

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Digital Brand Ambassador:

The ideal innovative advertising vehicle to bring consumers through the journey of understanding YOUR product benefits instantaneously


Simple Training Platform allows the audience to learn wherever they are, whenever they are available, while you can track their progress.



Instead of filling up forms, do it digitally by letting customers log on through their phones, we provide mechanics and lucky draws.

Authenticate Products:

Allow customers to quickly verify, authenticate and register your products, improving trust and preventing counterfeits, which can improve corporate branding. 

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